Fun Sports at the Beach

10 The idea of ​​fun 'move' on the beach.
Sports are not always identical to the enclosed space with all the big iron tools, because the fit can also be done outdoors. One of them, the beach. Not only can you create a healthy body, 'gym' experience will also provide a different atmosphere and definitely more fun.

No idea what we can do at the beach? Prevention will provide 10 ways to please 'move' on the beach. Have fun!

If we own:
1. Walk Backward
Walking or running backwards will involve more muscles are active, than when we moved forward. Foot with the reverse direction will make the quadriceps muscles to work 83% harder, as well as the lower back muscles 61% and 47% calf muscle.

2. Jogging in the water.
If we usually jog with reasoned with asphalt, while jogging on the beach trying to tip of the exercise physiologist and triathlon coach, Ben Greenfield of Spokane, Washingyton this: Go into the water, tide pools tire or wear a vest. 'Run' with a vengeance for 30-60 seconds on the spot, pull your knees toward your chest and move your hands like he was running. Perform 10 sets and do not forget to mengantur breath.

3. Shuffle side to side.
Want to tighten your thighs? Walk sideways in thigh-high water. This trick can make otat outer and inner thighs tightened, explains Melissa Layne, a spokesman for the American Council on Exercise.

4. Play ball.
There is a ball unemployed? Use it to help tighten the shoulder and arm area. No need to catch, simply by holding and moving it. Press the ball with the hand bent across her chest, then move to the side and straighten your arms.

If with family or friends:

5. Walking along the 'he'
Walk with her husband or boyfriend on the beach could help burn fat in a fun way. But, if we want a little wet-wet, the results can be 180% bigger! Walking through the thigh-high waves can tighten the lower thigh. Meanwhile, ankle-high waves crashing can help us tighten the legs.

6. Let's Jump!
In order to show more exciting, make a challenge to contest run together towards the sea. Skip over by the waves that hit the waves, until the watershed around the waist. Who can stand the longest jump without falling a winner.

7. Game balance.
Stand upright in the water as high as the stomach, and tighten your abdominal muscles and stand back as the waves come hit. To be more exciting, stand back to the beach so we do not know when the waves will come. The winner is the person who can last the longest.

8. Water circle.
Hotel swimming pool has a whirlpool facilities? If so, take advantage! Walk around the pond as quickly as possible, to get to an area with a height of 90 cm. Together the couple, walk in the opposite direction. Do as much as 20 rounds, then switch directions. The current that is created when running the engine bursts of water added to make the legs and thighs like a massage.

9. Catch the ball.
Want to burn 175 calories in 20 minutes? Try throwing a ball into the end of the pool, and berlombalah to swim and reach the ball first. So he cried, maybe we are not aware of having put all the strength to swim to and fro.

10. Run in zigzags.
Pick a rather shallow pool, on the count of three start walking or jogging with her zigzag up to the end of the pool, then return to starting position. Events like this can make the muscles become stronger, said Mary Sanders, Ph.D., Director WaterFit Wave Aerobics.

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